-- Michael Chang

Retrospect on 2019

Since the trade war between the United States and China, the ever-changing market has made organizations maladaptive, how to adjust and adapt to this dynamic market will be the top priority for organizations.

There are several obstacles stopping woodworking machinery companies from achieving sustainable growth. For example, organizations that are focus on the American market might be benefit from the order transfer phenomenon in a short time. However, the profit will gradually decrease as time goes by. Secondly, because of the tariff barriers from the United States government, the willingness of foreign investments is low. Thirdly, the US housing market also facing a downward movement and eventually decreased the market of woodworking machinery.

Furthermore, China furniture industry suffering the sanction by the US government, as a result, the furniture firms shift their production line towards south-east Asian countries, the demand for woodworking machinery also decrease in the Chinese market. And China also promotes their woodworking machine around to south-east Asian countries. Last but not least, the increase in NTD is also harmful to the woodworking machinery industry.


Looking into 2020

Improve its own abilities will be the one and only way when companies facing big challenges.

Strengthen the company's abilities can be achieved by several directions, such as, re-examined the business process and reduce the unnecessary wastes to both decrease cost and prompt production efficiency. Hold the spirit of “good, better, best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best. ” while continuous improvement and rectify companies. Although companies suffering great pressure from the recession, but this may also be a fresh turning point for companies to create steady growth.

Additionally, Germany and Italy, the main competitors of Taiwan woodworking machinery industry joined the new era of smart digital manufacturing for several years and are developing rapidly, while Taiwan was just getting started. To overtake our competitors, Taiwan woodworking machinery industry must adapt the road towards digital transformation. Through the transformation in service and smart manufacture transformation, we not only can close the gap between us and our main opponents but also show the differentiation on production, design, service and could compete with China woodworking machinery manufacturers.

Lastly, we hope all the Taiwanese woodworking machinery companies can emerge stronger and stand taller in before the world.


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