-- Michael Chang

I would like to thank all the members, directors and supervisors for your support and trust. I am honored to be re-elected as the chairman of TWMA and continue to provide advanced services to all members of the industry.

In the past three years, TWMA has actively established communication and cooperation with relevant domestic and international government units, R&D consortiums, universities, and associations. We also participated in many forums related to government, industries, and research, and have successfully promoted the reputation and popularity of the Association. This year, the Association was once again awarded A grade of the Ministry of the Interior Award and was included part of the Taichung City Smart Machinery Promotion Program. In the future, the mainstream of the development of woodworking machinery will be the combination of tradition and technology.

In the future market, because of the US-China Trade War, there are many variables. Members must seize the opportunity and actively expand the market. US-China Trade War affected Chinese machinery attendances in IWF Atlanta exhibition last year. This is an opportunity for members to grow in US market. However, manufacturers in China have actively shifted their market to Vietnam. Last year during VIFA Woodmac exhibition in Binh Duong, lots of exhibitors from China attend the event. Even Vietnam has become saturated in Red Sea Market, members should still participate and compete in the market. In addition, the goal of TWMA this year is to lead members to move forward to the new Blue Ocean Market.

Last year, I also conducted a study on the impact of the woodworking machinery industry, and sorted out eight key strategies. They are " New R&D”, “Complete Service”, "Brand Effect”, "Technology Improvement”, "Quality Control”, "Technology Application”, "Differentiation" and "Customer Interaction". Members can improve towards these directions and companies should have a goal developed beforehand.

Take the " New R&D" as an example. First, establish the company's R&D department, invest in cultivating talents in programming and mechanical design. Then, slowly improve the products, and start technological improvement. Eventually the good brand effect will come out. Taiwan must adhere to the advantages of being small and beautiful, not forgetting to innovate, and not forgetting the advantages of stability while developing. Moreover, move toward automation, intelligence and industry 4.0.


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