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Guild introduction


TWMA (Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association) holds more than 230 members, which gathers over than 90% of industries and related tool manufacturers in the field of woodworking machinery in Taiwan.

TWMA is a representative association to communicate with/between our members. It has been vigorous in furniture industry and mass production by the way of mechanization since 1960, which not only has excited the field of woodworking in Taiwan, but also has inspired the
manufacturers and supplier in machinery industry. After 30 year-steady growth in Taiwan, the export value in woodworking machinery industry has reached to the fourth place in the world, which after the rank of Germany, Italy and Chian.

TWMA provides pertinent marketing information and publishes Buyer guide & Directory , consisted of valuable information of our members and related products to whom are seeking the woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan.

Development history

The First - The 7th

2003.11~ 2025.02

The First - The 5th

1986.01~ 1993.03

Development history



In the years 2020 and 2021, Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry experienced a compound growth of 54%. However, the period from 2022 to 2023, there was a significant compound decline of nearly 70%. This decline is not limited to the woodworking machinery industry but extends to Taiwan's overall exports, which have been in a continuous downturn for 16 months since March 2022. The persistent interest rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve is a primary driver of the global export recession, compounded by the post-COVID-19 changes in the global economic landscape.  These changes include the restructuring of raw material supply chains, the U.S.-China trade tensions, and geopolitical shifts altering the existing model of global production and manufacturing bases ...



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