TWMA (Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association) holds more than 270 members, which gathers over than 90% of industries and related tool manufacturers in the field of woodworking machinery in Taiwan.

TWMA is a representative association to communicate with/between our members. It has been vigorous in furniture industry and mass production by the way of mechanization since 1960, which not only has excited the field of woodworking in Taiwan, but also has inspired the manufacturers and supplier in machinery industry. After 30 year-steady growth in Taiwan, the production value in woodworking machinery industry has reached to the fourth place in the world, which after the rank of Germany, Italy and US.

TWMA provides pertinent marketing information and publishesBuyer guide & Directory , consisted of valuable information of our members and related products to whom are seeking the woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan.

Development history

The First - The 6th

2003.11~ 2021.11

The First - The 5th

1986.01~ 1993.03



I would like to thank all the members, directors and supervisors for your support and trust. I am honored to be re-elected as the chairman of TWMA and continue to provide advanced services to all members of the industry.

In the past three years, TWMA has actively established communication and cooperation with relevant domestic and international government units, R&D consortiums, universities, and associations. We also participated in many forums related to government, industries, and research, and have successfully promoted the reputation and popularity of the Association. This year, the Association was once again awarded A grade of the Ministry of the Interior Award and was included part of the Taichung City Smart Machinery Promotion Program ...





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